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Radio Music Charts like you've never seen them before


Specifically designed for radio programmers and those that love to study the music charts, Castologii will show you the long term music chart history of your own station, but more importantly it wil show you the current trends and music charts of other stations - in real-time.

It's been designed to assist you with scheduling your music station.

There's nothing like this in the industry

  • Live Real-time Information
  • Long Term Chart History
  • Music Research Tool
  • Music Selection Assistant
  • Music Director's Dream
  • Easy to Use
  • Built by those who use it

Pisk Castologii has been especially adapted for internet and narrowcast broadcasters.

The difficulties of putting your "Now playing" info on your WordPress website are now gone, with our free and easy to use widget!

The short of it is you get real-time stats of what songs are playing and the movements, positions, spins and rates, rises and falls, the history of songs and a whole lot more. Unless you have high-end software, you probably haven't seen your radio station history like this before! You've certainly never been able to compare your station like this before!

Our "Song Selector" feature can now hold all your potential new songs, rate them, define start dates, hold notes, show how fresh a song is, and more. It gives you spin counts from the other stations, How long a song is known and if you're airing it.

It gets even better with our proprietry machine learning technology in our "Not-Got" feature, that makes song suggestions based on what you currently don't have in your playlist, based on the playlists of other stations, and the likelyhood of them vs you airing it song according to the overall playlists. This is where our A.I. technology really takes the lead to make suggestions.

We think it's the perfect companion for music scheduling.

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All you need is compatible broadcast software that can 'push' it's Now Playing data to us, and you're set*.

Music Chart Research

See songs as they are played, and watch the spin rates climb.

New Songs

See when a station adds news songs, so you don't miss the boat on a hit song.

See Song Histories

Ever wondered how often and what the play patterns of a song are for other stations? Now you can.

Know What to Schedule

Wondering what song to add to you station? Get a list of the songs in the charts, that are not on your playlist.

Station Research

See the songs and artists on a station.


You may be a music station, but what about the spoken word stations? You can now see different gaps in programming.

Station Statistics

(Coming Soon) All stations have different sized playlists and Pisk will confirm this showing the artist and song ratios compared to each other.

View Stations' Playlists

It's one thing to know what you play, but keeping track of other stations will enhance the industry.

Top 100 Songs

For our charts you get the usual, and extras such as - This Week, Last Week, Movement, Weeks In, First Seen, This week and Last week Spin rates.

Top 100 Compared

See who has these top 100 songs on their station and compare the results. Not every station is the same format, so why would the music be?

It was built by radio programmers, for radio programmers.

There is so much more to Pisk than this quick overview.

Radio Stations' Stats

Get a better idea of radio station programming

Traditionally, radio stations have been in a constant battle over formats, advertising, listening time, music selection, and having the most engaging announcing teams.

Stations want more listeners to bring in more advertising to create more revenue.

There are plenty of charts out there for various sectors, but why wouldn't you want to know what other stations are playing with immediacy? What about comparing your station to theirs?

It's one thing to know the spin rates of stations, but it's another thing to see how songs are dayparted.

Seeing the song data of how stations do their radio programming will truely open your eyes.

Castologii is a game changer.

Our Top 10

This is what's currently charting in our system

TW LW MM Daily Spins1 Song Title Artist
27 5 NEXT TO MEJordan Feliz
37 4 Image of GodWe Are Messengers
43 -1 SparrowsCory Asbury
53 -2 Battle BelongsPhil Wickham
619 13 Almost HomeMercyMe
719 12 RevolutionaryJosh Wilson
819 11 Out of My HandsJeremy Camp
94 -5 Born ReadyCoby James
104 -6 Graves Into GardensElevation Worship
TW: This Week LW: Last Week MM: Movement

About Pisk Castologii

More than meets the eye

Castologii started from a need to find out what songs were currently on air, and what the home station didn't have.

Many music directors know which songs to add to their stations by looking at charts and knowing what songs they have on air, but when you have multiple stations or don't always see everything on the charts, it's easy to miss a great song.

Charts and internal music scheduling software is one thing, but Castologii raises the bar by giving sugguestions speficially tailored to your station.

This clever filtering highlights songs you are already playing, and lets you remove (or add) other stations' data to give you the best suggestions for song selection adds.

If you need to get a detailed overview of the music charts in the online streaming sector, this is probably what you've been dreaming for.

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